As part of our skills based PE curriculum, children will receive two one hour slots per week – one provided by their class teacher and the other by sports specialists.

When the children are taught by the Premier coaches they will complete sports specific lessons as you can see in the overview at the top of the page.

The teacher led lessons will focus more on the skills needed to be successful when participating in physical activity as a whole and enabling them to live long healthy lives. The class teachers will begin to use the strategies used in Real PE.

What is Real PE? 

Real PE provides fun and creative ways where children can develop their skills, in line with the new national curriculum, which include agility, balance and coordination as well as healthy competition and cooperative learning. It aims to also develop physical literacy, emotional and thinking skills to achieve in PE, Sport and life.

What else does the curriculum cover? 

Within this skills based curriculum, pupils will be able to learn key movements to various dances and combine these to create their own routines. Outdoor adventurous activities will enable pupils to learn key orienteering skills as well as problem solving. They will also experience gymnastics as well as swimming ensuring they have a well-rounded skill set. They will be able to apply these skills through a range of games, such as Tag Rugby and Hockey. Further opportunities will be available through after school clubs which include Netball and Football.


There will be a range of clubs available through out the year for all age groups. These will be run by the Premier sports coaches. These clubs are often very popular and work on a first come first served basis so make sure you look out for letters on Parent Mail and updates on this page.

Premier Extra Curricular
Proposed Provision

Autumn 1

Start 17.9.18

Last week 15.10.18

Autumn 2

Start 5.11.18

Last week 17.12.18

Spring 1

Start 14.1.19

Last week 10.2.19

Spring 2

Start 4.3.19

Last week 1.4.19

Summer 1

Start 29.4.19

Last week 20.5.19

Summer 2

Start 10.6.19

Last week 15.7.19


Tag rugby – 3/4


Tag Rugby – 5/6

Tennis – 3/4


Tennis – 5/6 No Club

Athletics – 3/4/5/6


Tuesday No Club No Club No Club No Club No Club

No Club



Football – 3/4


Football 5/6

Hockey – 5/6


Hockey 3/4


Cricket – 3/4


Cricket – 5/6
Thursday Basketball – 5/6 Basketball 3/4

Gymnastics- 3/4


Gymnastics – 5/6 Dodgeball 5/6 Dodgeball 3/4

Fencing – 5/6


Fencing – 3/4


Multi-dance – 5/6 Multi-dance – 3/4

Archery – 3/4


Archery – 5/6

The Golden Mile

We are pleased to inform you that Langstone Junior Academy will be taking part in a new and exciting opportunity! As of the 21st January 2019, the school will be participating in ‘The Golden Mile’ as a way to get more children active and enthused about physical activity and a healthy lifestyle.

What is ‘The Golden Mile’?

The Golden Mile is a safe, simple and measurable health and physical activity initiative that is accessible to all. It is a physical activity programme which takes place on the school playground with the aim, to walk, run, jog, skip or hop as far as possible within the rest of the school year. Children will have the opportunity to participate during school hours to try and build up as many miles as they can. There will be inter and intra- school competitions as well as certificates awarded for reaching milestones.

Golden Day

On Monday the 21st January, the whole school will be introduced to the Golden Mile in an assembly first thing followed by a whole school warm up demonstration. They will then get the opportunity, a class at a time, to complete their first go at the Golden Mile.

We ask that children come to school in appropriate sportswear so they are ready to participate in the day’s activities. If your child needs to bring home their PE Kit so they can wear it in that day, please remind them the Friday before. Finally as it is Golden Day, it would be great if the children could wear something gold/ yellow or orange to fit in with the theme.