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EnglishImage result for mary poppins book

In English this half term, we will be using our new class reader, ‘Mary Poppins’, to inspire a range of writing. We will be using the chapter ‘The Zoo’ as a starting point for the children to create their own chapter for Mary Poppins where they spend another night in the zoo.

Throughout this unit we will develop our use of speech to add detail to our writing. We will be experimenting with how to combine dialogue with action and description to make interesting fiction texts.

Guided Reading

First we will developing our understanding of language and how it can be adapted in persuasive texts to suit different audiences. We will then be analysing a range of guides to magpie ideas for our very own Guides to Portsmouth. Later in the half term, we will be deepening our understanding around skimming and scanning as well as our use of using evidence from the text to support our thinking.


This half term, we will continue to develop our knowledge and understanding around decimals where we will be learning how to round them. We will be practising applying our written methods to solve problems as well as make links between decimals and fractions. Later in the half term, we will be moving onto time and learning to use number lines to solve problems. Lastly, we will be exploring the properties of shape and applying this knowledge to a range of scenarios.

Throughout Year 4, we will be developing our arithmetic skills by carrying out daily activities which will aid with our fluency.  This alongside activities which will develop our reasoning skills will ensure a wide range of mathematical skills are developed.

Science – Electricity

Within this unit, children’s understanding of electricity will be developed. We will be identifying how important electricity is for some items around the home to work as well as get the opportunity to create our own circuits. Our knowledge of conductors and insulators will also be developed and we will have the opportunity to explore how effective different materials are. This will provide us with plenty of opportunities to work scientifically and develop the ability to set up simple investigations and report on them.

Topic – It’s Comin’ Home (World Cup)Image result for world cup russia

This Geography based topic will be focusing on the phyiscal and human geography of the host nation for the World Cup, Russia. The children will be able to draw comparisons between this nation and our home home. Moreover, they will be designation one of the 32 countries within the World Cup to explore further.

Within the topic, we will be using our DT skills, to link with our Science this half term, and make a motorised car.


Our class based PE this half term will be focused around developing our co-ordination so that we can throw and catch balls accurately. We will be applying this skill to the game of Rounders. Within the second unit of PE, we will further develop our co-ordination and agility through getting the chance to take part in different athletics activities ready for Sports Day.


In this unit, we are investigating the concept of ‘scared’ and how this relates to both Christianity and Islam. As part of this unit, we will be exploring different places of worship and comparing why these are sacred.Think_Resilience


In PSHE, we will be exploring ‘Health and Well-being’ so that children understand the importance of asking for help and asking questions.  As we are nearing the end of the year, we will also be beginning to look forward and prepare everyone for moving up into Year 5. Furthermore, we will be continuing to develop the skills of resilience, reflectiveness and thinking.


This unit will look at deepening our understanding of music notation in our unit called ‘In the Past’.


Dates for the Diary

Sports Day – 25th June

Transition Day – 3rd July

Reports to parents – 13th July

Year 4/5 Disco – 18th July


PE Kits

Full PE kits are needed for Mondays and Wednesdays. This includes dark shorts/tracksuit bottoms (for outdoor PE if the weather is cold), a white t-shirt, socks and appropriate footwear.



Project – World Cup

As we are learning about the World Cup, you have been given 3 different football themed options for your homework. You can choose to complete one, two or all three!

Option 1:

Using either your sweepstake country, or another country playing in the world cup, create a poster to inform the class about your country.


Option 2:

Design a football kit for either your sweepstake country or another country in the world cup. Afterwards, justify why you have chosen to design it in your chosen colours.

Option 3:

Create your own country and then design its own flag and football kit. Afterwards, reflect on why you’ve designed it this way and record your justifications.

Due in on Friday 13th July


Spellings for this half term will be recapping the Year 3’s Summer 1 spellings along with learning strategies for Year 4’s new exception words.

The exception words are:

Year 4: peculiar, occasion, occasionally, probably, knowledge, experiment, experience, question, disappear and important

Year 3: actually, extreme, February. certain, height, history, imagine, increase and interest

spelling strategies

These will be assessed both at the beginning and end of the half term and can be practised using a variety of strategies on the Tic-Tac-Toe.

They are expected to not only know the words on the list but be able to spell them if they have a prefix or a suffix attached. For example complete could be completing or completed.

Within class, we will be focusing on developing our phonics skills and how these can be used to spell unknown words. We will also be looking at the rules for adding suffixes such as ‘ed’ and ‘ing’ to root words.

Reading and Times Tables

A reminder that each week children will be expected to read every day at home for at least 10 minutes. Alongside this, children are to log on to Times Tables Rockstars which will aid to develop children’s fluency within their Maths by taking part in fun Maths games. Both will need to be recorded in the same home learning log and handed in to the class teacher on a daily basis.