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In English this half term, we will be using our topic, Blue Abyss, to inspire imaginative pieces of wnemoriting. We will be developing our knowledge of noun phrases and building on our understanding of different sentence types from Year 3.

We will be using clips from the film Finding Nemo as a stimulus. We will be exploring the events and emotions the main character encounters throughout the story before using this to inspire our own fiction texts. Later in the half term, we will combine our Science research to create a non-fiction text which showcases all we have learnt around the topic. These will then be shared in the library for other pupils to read.

Guided Reading

First we will be exploring imaginative pieces of writing to explore how language has an impact on the reader. We will also use these to magpie ideas for our own stories. Afterwards, we will investigate different non-fiction texts. Here they will hone their skimming and scanning skills as well as increase their understanding of how structure contributes to the meaning of the text.


To start this year, we will be developing and exploring number and place value. This will include introducing Roman Numerals as well as building on their knowledge of areas such as reading, writing and comparing numbers. Later in the half term, we will then develop our efficient methods for addition and subtraction through a variety of contexts.

Throughout Year 4, we will be developing our arithmetic skills by carrying out daily activities which will aid with our fluency.  This alongside activities which will develop our reasoning skills will ensure a wide range of mathematical skills are developed.

Science – Living Things and Their Habitat

Within this unit, children’s understanding of classifying and sorting animals will be enhanced. We will be able to create our own classification keys to identify living things we have found in local habitats, such as Baffins Pond, as well as explore how humans can have both a positive and negative impact on the environment. This is a fantastic unit to also develop children’s working scientifically skills as we will have to make detailed observations before choosing how to appropriately present our findings.

Topic – Blue Abyssmarine-life

This Geography based topic will start off with our trip to the Blue Reef Aquarium where we will explore which creatures live in the different depths of our oceans. We will also investigate the impact human pollution has on these living things and what we can do to help. As we move through the unit, we will develop our understanding of physical geography where our knowledge of atlases and maps will be vital.

Within the topic, we will be using our understanding of life in the depths of the ocean to create our own artwork. Children will first explore a variety of mediums, from collage to water colours, before choosing which is the most appropriate for our final piece.


Our class based PE this half term will be focused around dodgeball where we will develop our agility skills. Within the second unit of PE children will be learning to combine a series of movements to creature their own sequences in time with music.


In this unit, we are investigating the concept of temptation alongside choice making and how this relates to Christianity.Think_Resilience


In PSHE, we will be exploring our school’s vision and how we can develop the skills of resilience, reflectiveness and thinking.


Songs and poems about places are used to explore music within this unit. Children will create accompaniments and sound pictures to reflect sounds in our local environment.


Dates for the Diary


4HT – 19th October

4LW – 23rd November

4GC – 30th November


                                                                Blue Reef Aquarium

                                                              4LW – 12th September

                                                               4HT – 14th September

                                                                4CG – 15th September


PE Kits

Full PE kits are needed for Mondays and Wednesdays. This includes dark shorts/tracksuit bottoms (for outdoor PE if the weather is cold), a white t-shirt, socks and appropriate footwear.



Each week children will be expected to read each day and bring in their filled in reading record. Alongside this, children are to log on to Timestables Rockstars which will aid to develop children’s fluency within their Maths by taking part in fun Maths games. If your child needs their login again, please speak to the class teacher. This again will need to be recorded in the same Home Learning Log and handed in on a daily basis.


For spellings over the year we will be developing strategies for learning the Year 3/4 national curriculum exception words which you can find below. Therefore over the year we will be both recapping Year 3’s exception words as well as learning Year 4’s new ‘tricky’ words.

For the first half term, we will be focusing on the following words:

actual, learn, group, heard, arrive, circle, often, build,  accident, believe, strange, reign, interest, various, possible, grammar

These can be practised at home using a variety of methods such as those in the Tic-Tac-Toe below. These will then be assessed in class at the end of the half term.

spelling strategies

Within class, we will be focusing on developing our phonics skills and how these can be use to spell unknown words. The first sound we will be focusing on is /o/ and the different letter combinations that can make this.

Project – Oceans

If children want to develop and deepen their understanding more around our topic, Blue Abyss, they can carry out this half term’s oceans themed project. Using our learning from in class, children will need to choose an ocean to focus on before carrying out their own research about it. Their work could range from the creatures that live in the ocean to the impact humans have had (negative or positive).This could be presented in a variety of ways which could include a piece of artwork or a fact file.

If children need support with this, class teachers are happy to help.

This may include finding books from the library with them or allocating a discovery suite pass so they can use their own time to research using the ipads.

Project Due Date: Friday 13th October

More information around homework will follow however in the meantime if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask your child’s class teacher.