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In English this half term, we will be using our new class reader, ‘Stone Age Boy’, to inspire a range of writing which will incorporate our Topic learning around this era too. The picture book will be used to develop inference skills as we use clues within the text to make our own conclusions about characters’ thoughts and feelings before developing our understanding PEE (point, evidence, explanation).

Within writing, we will analyse the text to help develop our understanding of different sentence types and the components that can go within them. Once this becomes secure, we will be using our knowledge of the Stone Age to write a setting description after they have travelled back in time themselves.

For our Spellings this half term, we will first look at word families where we will be identifying the root words and how suffixes and/or prefixes can be added to change the meaning of the word. This will then lead on to looking at the rules for adding suffixes such as ‘ing’ and ‘ed’.


This half term, we will be deepening our understanding of number which will include understanding the value of each of the digits. This crucial skill will then feed into the rest of the unit where we will be reading, writing and ordering a range of whole numbers numbers before rounding them to varying degrees of accuracy.

Throughout Year 4, we will be developing our arithmetic skills by carrying out daily activities which will aid with our fluency. Daily times tables activities will remain an important element of this. This alongside activities which will develop our reasoning skills will ensure a wide range of mathematical skills are developed.

Science – SoundSee the source image

Within this unit, children’s understanding of how sound is made and how we hear will be developed. We will be identifying how all sound is made through vibrations and the fact that these travel as sound waves to our ear. Our knowledge of the different parts of the ear will be developed as well as exploring why animals have different ear shapes and how this is useful to them. This will provide us with plenty of opportunities to work scientifically and develop the ability to make observations and write conclusions to explain what we have discovered.

Topic – Stone Age to Iron Age

See the source imageWithin this historical based topic, we will be studying the prehistoric era of the Stone Age. We will learn that this time in history early humans made tools and weapons out of stone. It lasted when our ancestors made the first tools around 3.4 millions of years ago until the introduction of metal a few thousands years ago. The unit will start with a workshop helping us understand the vastness of this period as well as where it comes in time. Throughout the half term we will be looking into key changes over this time which will range from clothes to tools, animals as well as the homes that they lived in.

Within the topic, we will be using our DT skills, to weave. This will aid us in our homework which will include the opportunity to make a home from a period within the Stone Age.

PE cartoon-pe-kids-1rd987p

Our class based PE this half term will be focused around developing our hand-eye co-ordination through the game of Hockey. We will also be learning to throw and catch balls accurately. We will be applying this skill to games such as Netball and Dodgeball.


In this unit, we are investigating the concept of ‘light’ and how it plays a key role in the Hindu festival of Diwali. We will get an opportunity to develop our DT skills by making our own lamps.Think_Resilience


In PSHE, we will be exploring what it means to be a Langstone Learner and how important the skills of resilience, reflectiveness and thinking are. We will also deepen our understanding of what these mean and how we can take small steps to improve in these areas.


This unit will look at deepening our understanding of music notation in our unit called ‘In the Past’.


This unit will be looking at deepening our reading and comprehension skills through exploring the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.


Dates for the Diary

TTRS Day- 24.09.18

18.10.18- Stone Age Museum in classrooms after school

13.02.19-15.02.19- Avon Tyrrell Residential Trip

14.03.19- 4HT Class Assembly

21.03.19- 4GC Class Assembly

28.03.19- 4VL Class Assembly


PE Kits

Full PE kits are needed for Mondays and Wednesdays. This includes dark shorts/tracksuit bottoms (for outdoor PE if the weather is cold), a white t-shirt, socks and appropriate footwear.



Project – Stone Age – to be added

Due in on 5th October


Spellings for this half term will be recapping the Year 3’s Autumn 1 spellings along with learning strategies for Year 4’s new exception words.

The exception words are:

Year 4: accident, believe, strange, reign, interest, various, possible, grammar

Year 3: actual, learn, group, heard, arrive, circle, often and build

These will be split up and a couple of words will be focused on each week but the more they can be reinforced and practised at home, the easier they will be to remember.

We will also be looking at various spelling rules this half term. Please refer to the English section for more detail.

spelling strategies

These will be assessed both at the beginning and end of the half term and can be practised using a variety of strategies on the Tic-Tac-Toe.

They are expected to not only know the words on the list but be able to spell them if they have a prefix or a suffix attached. For example, complete could be completing or completed.

Within class, we will be focusing on developing our phonics skills and how these can be used to spell unknown words. We will also be looking at the rules throughout the half term so please refer to the English section for more detail.

Reading and Times Tables

A reminder that each week children will be expected to read every day at home for at least 10 minutes. Alongside this, children are to log on to Times Tables Rockstars which will aid to develop children’s fluency within their Maths by taking part in fun Maths games. For this half term, we will be recapping our 2s, 3s, 5s, 10s, 4s and 8s before moving onto learning our 11s. Both will need to be recorded in the same home learning log and handed in to the class teacher on a daily basis.

Please feel free to speak to your class teacher if you have any questions or would like further support or advice with the homework.