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This term we will be learning…

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This term within English, we will be using our class reader, The Wind in the Willows to explore sentence structure, extending sentences using various punctuation marks and incorporating speech. The children will be able to build upon what they learnt last term as well as the new skills they will be learning to create their own chapter for he Wind in the Willows. 

Later in the term, we will then be moving on a unit based around out topic, ‘Rockin’ the Ages’. This will allow the children to apply everything that they have learnt in their topic based lessons to a fantastic piece of non-fiction writing. This will require pupils to develop their understanding of the text features of non-fiction texts and how o use these effectively in their own writing.

Guided Reading 

We will also be using the Wind in the Willows as part of our guided reading to develop the skills required to make good summaries. In addition to this, the pupils will be exploring non-fiction texts such as non-chronological reports to improve their rapid recall skills.

Image result for mathsMaths 

During the children’s time in year 5, we aim to develop fluency in the fundamentals of mathematics.  We will encourage this by providing opportunities for each child to have frequent practise with complex problems.  They will also develop their own ability to reason using mathematical language and strategies. We hope that alongside our school vision, this will ensure each child will become a mathematical thinker.

This term, our learning journey will begin by exploring statistics. Within this unit, the children will look at interpreting time tables as well as investigating line graphs and how thy are used to present continuous data. We will then be moving on to multiplication and division where the children will develop their understanding of link between these two areas of maths.

Science – Properties and Changing MaterialsImage result for properties and changing materials

This unit will allow the pupils to build on the science units from Year 3 and Year 4. They will be exploring the properties of everyday materials that they can find around them, thinking about why they are suitable for he job they are used for. The children will then explore soluble and insoluble materials, how they form solutions and how to separate them. Furthermore, the children will be investigating how some reactions are reversible and some are irreversible where they will be able to apply their learning of solids, liquids, gases and the processes between them.

Topic – Rockin’ the Ages

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Our topic this term will allow us to explore the beginning of humanity by studying the Stone, Bronze and Iron Age. After our fantastic visit from Sir Teachalot, we will be investigating the concept of chronology, gaining an understanding of how long these periods of time were and their place in the history of the world. Cave paintings will be our next focus, looking at the history and cultural significance of these primitive artworks.

The children will be conducting their own enquiry into the Stone Age period, they will be creating their own Stone Age settlement. As per the letter sent out, we are asking for caregivers to donate any materials that they could spare which may be useful. A suggested list of materials include the following: Cardboard, twigs, string, neutral coloured material/wool, straw, craft matchsticks and small stones or pebbles. Any donations will be appreciated greatly.





Our class based PE this term will be based around hockey. We will be working on skills in ball control, passing and spacial awareness as well as investigating the rules for a new competitive game.

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This half term, as we are going to be comparing different versions of the birth narrative of Jesus, we have decided to do a whole day later in the term to really help immerse the children in the learning about this special time of year. We aim to support the children in developing their understanding of the origins of this Christian celebration. The day will provide the children with an opportunity to compare two versions of the story, as documented in the bible; discuss and interpret the story from different perspectives. 


In music we will explore movie music from 1920s animated films to present day movies. We will learn techniques for creating soundtracks and film scores, and compose our own movie music.


In PSHE, we will be looking at resiliance and how to cope with difficulties in or out of school.

Dates for the Diary!!!

Class Assemblies

5NB – 12th October

5LM – 16th November

5VL – 2nd November

5DS – 9th November

Trips and Workshops

Please note that these dates are provisionally booked but parents will receive letters closer to the time of the trip or workshop.

Yo Sushi – Wednesday 27th September 2017

Sailing Days

5NB and 5VL – Monday 16th October 2017

5DS and 5LM – Tuesday 17th October 2017

Sir Teachalot Stone Age to Iron Age Workshop – Wednesday 1st October 2017

Planetarium Workshop – Friday 12th January 2018

Sea City Museum Trip – Monday 15th – Friday 18th January 2018

PE kit

PE days are:Related image

5DS and 5VL – Monday and Friday

5NB and 5LM – Wednesday and Friday

Children should all have a full PE kit which includes: black shorts / tracksuit bottoms (for colder weather), white t shirt and suitable footwear.


Autumn 2 Spellings

This term the Year 5 exception words we are learning are:











We would like pupils to continue practising last half term’s spellings:










Please practise these spellings ready to be tested in class.  It is important that you understand the definition of these words and can use them in a sentence.

We will still be looking at the Year 3 and 4 exception words, so make sure you are still practising them.

Project – Kensuke’s Kingdom 1