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This term we will be learning…

Topic – FairtradeImage result for fair trade

During this half term, we will continue to focus on Fair Trade. They will explore how the physical features of Fair Trade countries impact farmers’ abilities to grow crops. As a result, they will immerse themselves into the thoughts and feelings of Fair Trade farmers to truly understand the importance of supporting Fair Trade and how this can positively impact people’s lives. In addition, they will be making Fair Trade brownies and cookies using Fair Trade products as ingredients. 


This half term we will continue to consolidate our understanding of fractions – specifically adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing fractions with whole numbers. We will then be exploring units of measure and how to convert between specific units of measure. Eventually, children will apply these skills to problem solving questions and open-ended investigations. In addition to this, we will be developing our written methods alongside our main learning to ensure that children are maintaining the confidence and fluency that they have built up.

Throughout the term, we will be revising key maths concepts in order to support pupils in developing throughout the maths curriculum. We would encourage children to make good use of their revision guides, if purchased, and remember to contact your child’s teacher if they would like to develop any particular areas of learning. If you are yet to buy any revision guides, the order forms can be found in reception where we will be happy to order them for you at a much cheaper price than can be found in the shops.

To support your child at home, please work with them on quickly recalling all their times tables including division facts.


Image result for white fang

In the first part of this half term, we will be exploring a range of poetry and poetic features. Children will be developing their skills of being creative and clever with their language choices. Within this unit, we will be focusing on a variety of features within writing such as adverbial, prepositional and noun phrases, emotive language and powerful description.

Our class reader for the term is ‘White Fang’. We will be exploring the amazing figurative language that Jack London uses in his writing to create mood and atmosphere. This will be used to develop the pupil’s use of mood and tension in their own fiction writing.

To develop as writers, we have given each child a magpie book to take home and bring back into school every day. The children will be using these to gather ideas, words, phrases and drawings that they will then be able to use in their writing.  To help them with this, please encourage them to read every night and fill in their reading record and magpie book.


We are expecting children to continue to practise their year 5 exception words this year alongside learning the year 6 spelling words they are given.


It is important that they understand the definition of these words and can use them in a sentence.


Science – Light

In Science, we will be looking at Light. The children will be exploring how light travels through the use of scientific equipment and resources. We will then investigate how objects are seen with our eyes whilst developing their understanding of the colour spectrum. Finally, the children will be expanding on their previous learning of shadows (in Year 3); looking at the size, shape and position.

Foundation Subjects

Image result for foundation subjects

In PSHE, we will be exploring writing in role based around the historical figure, ‘Nelson Mandela’. Children will be exploring his life and his importance. Within this unit, we will be focusing on a variety of features within writing such as adverbial, prepositional and noun phrases, varying tenses and powerful description.

In R.E., we will be exploring the concept of ‘Resurrection’ in the context of Christianity and the Easter Story.

This term in PE, we will be developing our skills in Tag Rugby. Pupils will learn the rules of the game whilst developing their team work skills, ball handling, agility and dynamic balance.

Finally in Music, we will be continuing our exploration of the topic ‘Roots’ which explores mini musical performance. Pupils will be singing a traditional Ghanaian song, devise rhythmical actions to music and developing a performance of a musical.

PE kit

PE days are Monday (all children)  

Tuesday – 6CS and 6NB

Friday – 6KW and 6JP

Children should all have a full PE kit which includes: black shorts / tracksuit bottoms (for colder weather), white t shirt and suitable footwear.


  • Homework will be set when the children return.