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Nic Bosnic Charlotte Shawyer Josh Phelan Lyndsey Knight Steph Wessels

This term we will be

Topic – Living on the Edge

During this half term, we will be learning about natural disasters, focusing mostly on volcanoes and earthquakes. The lessons will Image result for natural disastersstart off with a drama workshop that introduces the year group to the specific terminology required for this topic whilst also exploring some geographical locations of certain natural disasters both past and present. From this, we will independently investigate and research deeper into the causes of natural disasters, the typical ‘hot spots’ of their locations and the impacts these natural phenomenon have on the planet. We will also have the opportunity to use our Art and DT skills to construct our own volcanoes.

Maths                    Image result for place value

This half term we will start by revisiting and consolidating place value so that we have a strong knowledge and understanding of number. This will require pupils to be able to identify and recognise the position and value of digits within numbers (including decimals) and round these numbers. As a result, we will use this knowledge to support us in solving addition, subtraction, multiplication and division sums. Eventually, these skills will be challenged in the form of word problems and open-ended investigations. Furthermore, at the end of every lesson, we will practise and develop our arithmetic skills and knowledge in preparation for SATs.

To support your child at home, please work with them on quickly recalling all their times tables including division facts.

English              Image result for maze runner

This term, the children will be developing their comprehension and punctuation and grammar skills in preparation for SATs which will be after the Easter Holidays.

Before immersing ourselves in the class reader, we will first look at texts which explore animal cruelty. We will be incorporating Philosophy for Children (P4C) style discussion lessons in order to evoke deep debates about the subject, leading then to writing persuasive texts on the subject.

Our class reader for the term is ‘The Maze Runner’. We will be exploring the figurative language used to ‘show, not tell’ whilst also developing our comprehension skills of inference.

To develop as writers, we have given each child a magpie book to take home and bring back into school every day. The children will be using these to gather ideas, words, phrases and drawings that they will then be able to use in their writing.  To help them with this, please encourage them to read every night and fill in their reading record and magpie book.


We are expecting children to continue to practise their year 5 exception words this year alongside learning the year 6 spelling words they are given.

This terms spelling words to learn are:

accommodate           accompany            according        achieve         aggressive                 amateur                  ancient            apparent        appreciate                 attached                  available         average             awkward                  bargain                    bruise               category           cemetery                  committee                communicate  community       competition             conscience                conscious         controversy convenience

It is important that they understand the definition of these words and can use them in a sentence.

Science – Electricity (Circuits)   Image result for circuits ks2

In Science, we will be looking at Electricity, specifically circuits.  The science lessons this year will be focusing on the skills of being an investigative scientist whilst using the vehicle of circuits to develop the ability to create research questions, make logical hypotheses, consider fair testing and variables, analyse data and finally use this data to inform further investigations. The children will be able to name and recognise the components (and their symbols) in a circuit whilst also commenting on the effects of adding or taking away certain components in a circuit.

Foundation Subjects

Image result for R.E
In R.E., we will be exploring the concept of ‘Law’ in the context of Christianity and the Easter Story.

Image result for french weather

In French, the children will learn to discuss the weather and by the end of the half term, they will be forecasting the weather in a French TV weather report!

Image result for cartoon netball

This term in PE, we will be developing our skills in Net Ball. Pupils will learn the rules of the game whilst developing their team work skills, ball handling, agility and dynamic balance.

Image result for pitch and melody

Finally in Music, we will be getting into the groove by exploring rhythm and melody in singing, movement and dance. We will learn about beat, syncopation, pitch and harmony, and take a trip around the world to celebrate the universal language of music.

Dates for the diary:

Class Assemblies:

6NB – Thursday 14th September 2017

6KW – Thursday 21st September 2017

6JP – Thursday 28th September 2017

6CS – Thursday 5th October 2017


6NB – Thursday 11th January 2018

6KW – Thursday 18th January 2018

6JP – Thursday 25th January 2018

6CS – Thursday 1st February 2018


Trips and Workshops:

Wednesday 13th September 2017 – Big Foot Natural Disasters Workshop

Tuesday 14th November 2017 – Home Front Experience at Portsmouth Museum

6JP – 10.15am

6KW – 1.00pm

Wednesday 15th November 2017 – Home Front Experience at Portsmouth Museum

6CS – 10.15am

6NB – 1.00pm

6NB – Tuesday 21st November 2017 – Winchester Science Museum + workshop

6KW – Wednesday 22nd November 2017 – Winchester Science Museum + workshop

6CS – Thursday 23rd November 2017 – Winchester Science Museum + workshop

6JP – Friday 24th November 2017 – Winchester Science Museum + workshop

Wednesday 10th January 2018 – Big Foot Fair Trade Workshop


We will provide more information nearer the time about each of these. If there are any further dates, we will post them on our website and let the children know.


PE kit

PE days are Monday and Friday

Children should all have a full PE kit which includes: black shorts / tracksuit bottoms (for colder weather), white t shirt and suitable footwear.


  • Homework will be set when the children return.

As you may remember from last year, our school is using Lumio! This is an interactive maths resource that you children can access from home.

The website can be accessed from: https://web.lumioeducation.com/app/signin.html

There is also a free Apple app that can be downloaded on IPads, IPhones and IPods. The app is called ‘Lumio – maths resources for schools’.

Class teacher’s will provide children with their login details and will be monitoring their use of Lumio on a regular basis. We are looking forward to seeing how they use this to support their own learning as well as the impact this has on pupil’s learning in class.

In addition to this, the teachers will be assigning activities that link to the learning that has taken place in the children’s maths lessons. Please ensure your child is checking Lumio on a regular basis to ensure that the tasks are completed.