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This Summer term we will be learning…

Topic – We are Spartans!

During this term, we will be learning about the Ancient Greeks. The Year 6 pupils will be learning about the history of the Greek Olympics and will take part in there very own Olympics including a variety of sports. They will also develop an understanding of Democracy and how this has developed and changed over the years.


This half term we will continue to consolidate our understanding of all areas of the maths curriculum ready for the Key Stage 2 SATs. This will include revision of the four operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We will be continuing to apply the skills taught to a variety of SATs style problems that allow the children to prepare themselves.

Later in the term, we will be linking our Maths to our Ancient Greeks topic where the children will be assigned an exciting project! They will be required to plan a holiday for a number of famous celebrities which meets their stringent requirements. This project will include the use of measure, timetables, conversion and problem solving. If they are successful, you may even want them to plan your next holiday.

To support your child at home, please work with them on quickly recalling all their times tables including division facts.


This term, the children will be further developing their comprehension and punctuation and grammar skills in preparation for SAT’s which will be after the Easter Holidays. 

Within our writing lessons, we will be exploring the video stimulus ‘Girl in the War’. This tale will require children to develop their use of imaginative description and cohesive devices. As part of this writing opportunity, the children will be developing their ability to write flashbacks which will require them to change tense and atmosphere.

Our class reader for the term is Holes written by Louis Sachar. As well as reading this book, we will be using this within our writing lessons as a stimulus.

To develop as writers, we have given each child a magpie book to take home and bring back into school every day. The children will be using these to gather ideas, words, phrases and drawings that they will then be able to use in their writing.  To help them with this, please encourage them to read every night and fill in their reading record and magpie book.



We are expecting children to continue to practice their year 5 exception words this year alongside learning the year 6 spelling words they are given.

This terms spelling words to learn are:

symbol                 system              temperature            thorough              committee                 rhyme

rhythm              sacrifice            secretary              shoulder             familiar                frequently

government              guarantee                 immediate                especially

It is important that they understand the definition of these words and can use them in a sentence.

Science – Animals, including Humans

In Science, we will be exploring the biology of Animals including Humans. The pupils will begin by exploring the human circulatory system and comparing it with that of an animals. We will then explore the functions and features of the heart in more depth. Following on from this we will then be recognising the impact of diet, exercise, drugs and lifestyle on the way their bodies function as well as describing the ways in which nutrients and water are transported within animals, including humans.

Foundation Subjects

In R.E., we will be exploring the concept of ‘Ceremony’ in the context of Christianity and Islam.

This term in PE, we will be developing our skills at Volley Ball.  The children will gain a knowledge in the rules of the sport whilst developing the key skills required to be a volley ball player including position, striking and defending.

Finally in Music, we will be continuing our exploration of the topic ‘Roots’ which explores mini musical performance. Pupils will be singing a traditional Ghanaian song, devise rhythmical actions to music and developing a performance of a musical.

Dates for the diary:

SAT’s Week – w.b. Monday 14th May 2018

Fairthorne Residential – w.b.  Monday 4th June 2018 – Friday 8th June 2018

Activity Week (for remaining children) – w.b.  Monday 4th June 2018 – Friday 8th June 2018

                                           Monday 4th June 2018 – Marwell Zoo

                                           Friday 8th June 2018 – Fort Purbrook and Play Zone

Up for Juniors Trip – Monday 15th June 2018


We will provide more information nearer the time about each of these. If there are any further dates, we will post them on our website and let the children know.

PE kit

PE days are Monday and Friday 

Children should all have a full PE kit which includes: black shorts / tracksuit bottoms (for colder weather), white t shirt and suitable footwear.



Our topic this term is ‘We are Sparta’.  We will be learning about the Ancient Greeks, what life was like for them and how it differs to today.  For homework this term, we would like you to research an area of the Ancient Greek history.  For example:

    • Greek Myths
    • The Ancient Olympics
    • Spartan soldiers
    • Life in Ancient Greece
    • Greek Gods and Goddesses
    • Ancient Greek Architecture
    • The differences between life for boys and girls.
    • The different city states (such as Athens, Sparta and Corinth)

For this project, we would like you to study one area in depth.  This could include:

    • Photographs, drawings, diagrams
    • Fact file written in your own words
    • Diary in role
    • Timelines
    • Models
    • Video diaries

As this is an extended project, we expect a variety of activities to be done ready to present to the class.  If you need any paper or resources, please ask your class teacher.

(Remember: Year 6 expectations – well-presented work with legible, joined handwriting!)

Due in: Wednesday 4th July 2018

We will look at the progress you are making on these dates:

    • Wednesday 14th June
    • Wednesday 21st June

Please bring into school the work you have completed up to these dates.



As you may remember from last year, our school is using Lumio! This is an interactive maths resource that you children can access from home.

The website can be accessed from: https://web.lumioeducation.com/app/signin.html

There is also a free Apple app that can be downloaded on IPads, IPhones and IPods. The app is called ‘Lumio – maths resources for schools’.

Class teacher’s will provide children with their login details and will be monitoring their use of Lumio on a regular basis. We are looking forward to seeing how they use this to support their own learning as well as the impact this has on pupil’s learning in class.

In addition to this, the teachers will be assigning activities that link to the learning that has taken place in the children’s maths lessons. Please ensure your child is checking Lumio on a regular basis to ensure that the tasks are completed.