Welcome to Langstone Junior Academy! We look forward to you all joining our school and becoming part of the community.

A copy of the transition letter from Mrs Bush is below:



Introduction to classteacher and our school:





Social stories to introduce each class:

social story – 3LW

social story – 3GC

social story – 3WM


Information pack for parents’:








Transition pack for pupils:

transition pack

A tour of our school…

Enjoy this virtual tour of the school and meet the year 3 year leader, Miss Chappell.

We will have 3 classes. Miss Chappell will teach 3GC, Mrs Wessels and Mrs Lyne will share 3LW and Mr Marsden will teach 3WM.

You’ve met Miss Chappell in our virtual tour so let’s now meet the other teachers!

Mrs Wessels:

Mrs Lyne:

Mr Marsden:

FAQs from parents

Does my child need a water bottle?

We supply ONE bottle only during a child’s time education at LJA. This is provided on day one in Year 3 or if a child registers with us in another year group. This water bottle should be taken home every night to be washed and must be brought back the following morning for use during the school day. If this is lost or broken, it is a parental responsibility to provide another water bottle WITH the child’s name and class clearly marked on the bottle.

My child had free school dinners at Infants School. What happens at Junior School?

Please note that universal free school meals DO NOT apply at Junior School. Unless your child is entitled to Free School Meals and you have paperwork from Portsmouth City Council to confirm this, we must inform you that all ordered school dinners must be paid for. The current cost of a school dinner is £2.10 per day. If you receive notification from Portsmouth City Council that you are entitled or no longer entitled to free school meals, please advise the school office immediately of your change of circumstances.

We operate an online dinner meal ordering service for all our pupils, including those entitled to free school meals. This should be actioned by parents/carers via www.scopay.com website. The school dinner menu will be sent to you by ParentmailPMX and  will also available on our website.

How do I pay for school dinners/trips/events/music lessons?

We are a ‘cashless’ school and use ‘Scopay’ to pay AND consent for trips/events/music lessons /school dinners etc. online.

During the first week, we will send you a ParentmailPMX email with your child’s Scopay access code and instructions on how to register with Scopay. Details about this online/app programme are in the Year 2 Transition pack

How do you send letters/information home?

As we are a ‘paperless’ school, we use ParentmailPMX as a communication tool to send information or messages home to parents. Details about this online/app programme are in the Year 2 Transition information pack

Do you have a school Facebook account?

Yes, please check us out and ‘like’ our page.

My child has a medical need. Who do I speak to?

Please contact Mrs Lorraine Reeves in the School Office  

I am struggling to register online with ParentmailPMX and/ or Scopay? Who do I speak to?

Please contact Mrs Lorraine Reeves in the School Office who is more than willing to get you up and running. Please note that this should be after 10.30am or before 3pm.

 I am concerned about my child coming up to Junior School as he/she has issues or there is a family situation that I would like to make you aware of  before September. Who do I speak to?  

Please contact Mrs Lorraine Reeves in the School Office who will pass on any worries to your child’s new class teacher.

FAQs from children

What food can we have for lunch?

You can either bring in your own packed lunch or you can have a hot dinner. The school dinners always have 3 different choices- usually a meat option, a vegetarian option or a jacket potato.

Where are the Year 3 classrooms?

The year 3 classrooms are all together down a corridor in the school. The toilets will be at one end and we will also share this corridor with 4LD.

What time is lunch? Do you have different lunchtimes for year groups?

Lunch is at 11.50 until 12.35. You will go into the hall to eat your lunches before going outside to play. Year 4 will then start their lunch at 12.05 and year 5 and 6 begin their lunchtime at 12.30.

How many children in a class?

There are 30 children in a class.

Who are the teachers? How many teachers are there?

Miss Chappell will teach 3GC, Mrs Lyne and Mrs Wessels will teach 3LW and Mr Marsden will teach 3WM. We also have 3 teaching assistants who are called Mrs Duraz, Mrs Randall and Mrs Small.

Where are the toilets?

The toilets that you will use during lessons are located just along from your classroom. At play and lunchtimes, you will use a different set of toilets which you can access from the playground.

Do we get to go on the field?

Yes- When it is warm, you will be allowed to play on the field but you need to wait for a teacher to tell you if you’re allowed to.

How often do you do PE?

We tend to have PE lessons twice a week.

Can we play with equipment outside?

At play and lunchtime, there is a selection of balls and skipping ropes you can play with.

What lessons will I have? What are our topics?

We will have similar lessons to what you have in your infant schools: Maths, English, Science, Topic, Computing, French, PE, Art and DT, PSHE, R.E. and Music.

We will cover a range of topics including the Ancient Egyptians, Picasso and My Dog Sighs, The Tudors and The Vikings and Saxons.

What should I do if I don’t understand the work?

If you do not understand the work, do not worry. There will always be people around to help (including the children around you).

We will introduce our Langstone Learner Award to you when you start and this will help teach you skills and strategies to use when you are stuck.

Do you have animal groups?

We do not have animals groups but we have tribes in our school. The whole is sorted into 4 tribes and these change each year.  These are the tribes we will have in September: Mary Rose, Victory, Warrior and Queen Elizabeth. You are encouraged to work hard to earn tribe points for your tribe.

Do you have Golden Time?

We do not have golden time every week however the winning tribes get the opportunity to complete extra jobs and at the end of every term, the winning tribe for the term gets to take part in a tribe winners treat! The treat varies every time but previous treats have included an Easter Egg hunt and a Christmas party in the hall.

Do you have behaviour charts? What will happen if I make a bad choice?

We do not have behaviour charts. If you make a poor choice, a warning will be given by your teacher. If you continue to make poor choices, you may be moved to a different table or into a different class for 5 minutes to give you an opportunity to reflect on your behaviour.

Do you have class jobs/monitors?

We do. These tend to be the weekly tribe winners.

What time does school start/finish?

School starts at 8.50am and finished at 3.25pm

What is the school uniform like?

The school uniform consists of grey trousers/skirt/shorts and a white shirt or polo shirt with a green jumper or cardigan. For PE, you need black shorts or jogging bottoms and a white polo shirt/tshirt.

Do you have homework?

We have weekly times table and spelling homework and then every half term we have a project homework too which is usually linked to our topic.

When is playtime? Can we bring a snack?

Playtime is at 10.30 and you can bring a healthy snack with you.

What do I need to bring with me to school?

All you need to bring to school is a book bag (with your reading record and reading book in) and if you are packed lunch, a lunch box. We do not have lots of space to store things so please do not bring in large backpacks.