At Langstone Junior Academy, we believe that SMSC is an integral part of our learning and ethos.

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Our PSHE curriculum follows The PSHE Association Primary Toolkit (November 2017). Our children are given a curriculum that encourages deep thinking and discussions with one another. 

Furthermore, it is important that our PSHE curriculum is tailored to support the ongoing matters that are current in our local community of Portsmouth. As a result, our planning is closely linked with Portsmouth City Council’s  (PCC) ‘Portsmouth Programme of Study’.

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British Values

At Langstone, we promote the fundamental British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs. 

We believe that actively promoting British Values means challenging opinions or behaviours in school that go against the fundamental British values. We strive to create a community of people that understand the importance of embracing and showing British Values as they grow up. Our intention is that they will grow to respect and share this knowledge to future generations. 



Philosophy 4 Children (P4C)

Introducing P4C into Langstone has had such a hugely positive and impressive impact on our children. At this school, our pupils have become exceptional Thinkers and Learners however, this year, at Langstone Junior Academy, we have been working really hard with the children to develop our ‘Grow’ vision of Care and Respect. One of the most effective and influential ways we have been able to develop children for the future is through Philosophy 4 Children (P4C).

We invite you to look at our P4C Big Books across the year groups. Look for the front cover on the right. 

P4C is a classroom community of inquiry offering children the opportunity to discover values, things, ideas, ideals and people that they can care about. It also provides them with an environment in which they can grow emotionally as well as rationally, socially as well as politically. It is in such a context that they experience authentic dialogue, respect for each other as persons, a growing mutual trust and ability to communicate on a variety of levels. This growing sense of trust in the seriousness of each other is invaluable in the education of the emotions.

With time and practice in communal inquiry, they come to realize that their teachers and classmates really do care about them as persons. They believe in their potential ability to make a difference. In turn, this realization makes it possible for children to care about a variety of things and motivates their acting with courage and hope in the world.


Experiences and Achievements

Across a full range of subjects, our children are provided with experiences, within and outside of school, including trips, workshops and visitors. We invite you to see our Curriculum Journals which are completed by the children who narrate the impact of their experiences. At LJA, it’s important that our children are provided with rich stimuli to support their learning and growing. 

Furthermore, these experiences are just another way for our SMSC curriculum and vision to be embedded within our school and to impact our children in a positive way.



NSPCC – Dance-A-Thon

The NSPCC kindly visited our School Councillors, and through a democratic vote, we decided to hold a Dance-A-Thon throughout the whole school to raise awareness and money for children in need of support by the NSPCC. Our School Council members kindly held an assembly in front of the whole, promoting the event in which we set a target of £300. After a week of fundraising and then holding the day-long Dance-A-Thon event, as a school, we raised a whopping £1,320.21!!! 


Eco Ambassadors

The University of Portsmouth kindly visited our Year 5 and 6 to raise awareness of the impact that plastic is having on our environment, particularly the world’s wildlife. From this, four pupils across the two year groups were invited to join the university in an afternoon seminar to train to become Eco Ambassadors. The children were required to submit a letter, outlining why they would be a suitable candidate for the Eco Ambassadorship. After difficult deliberation, the year leaders finally made their decision and the selected children were sent to Guildhall where they successfully became ambassadors. As a result, the new ambassadors have been tasked with the responsibility of raising plastic awareness, especially the conservation of our local pond (Baffins) and the wildlife that inhabits it.  


Brain Tumor Charity ‘Walk of Hope’

With Brain Tumour Research being one of our two charities, teachers, pupils and parents were invited to and took part in a charity ‘walk of hope’ in which 7.2 miles of walking were completed across the Southsea seafront.



Change 4 Life Leaders

NHS Change 4 Life visited our school looking for sports leaders who were able to communicate with young people and adults and have a positive ‘can do’ attitude. After a rigorous selection process by our PE Leader, our pupils were tasked in increasing participation and healthy lifestyles in our school; promote the positive values of sport in and through sport; be an ambassador and role model advocating PE and school sport, and be the young people’s voice on PE and school sport in our schools and communities. Our Change 4 Life Leaders have held an informative assembly, explaining their aims and ambitions whilst also holding daily sports activities in the playground for the rest of the school to participate in.