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At Langstone Junior Academy, we believe that our School Council is an important and useful way for us to provide leadership and development opportunities for our pupils.  As a member, you have the voice to propose and take forward initiatives and projects on behalf of your peers, and be involved in strategic planning and processes such as the School Development Plan, governing body meetings and staff appointments.

We believe our School Council encapsulates the fundamentals of British Values. Using a democratic system, our members begin as one of many candidates nominated by their peers, followed by a week long election process where candidates can promote themselves using a range of strategies. In the end, we try to mimic our British system by holding a whole-school vote using polling stations. 


Once elected, our meetings aim to develop and empower our members to be positive role models of mutual respect, rule of law and individual liberty by empowering them with a voice. With that voice, our members have the opportunity and responsibility to inspire our pupils to be good and valued citizens within school and the local community.

School council elections took place at the end of Autumn 1.  There was a fantastic response from children who wished to be put forward as a candidate and it was a closely fought campaign.  Well done to all pupils who campaigned and to those successful children who have now formed our new council.

School council 2023-24

School Council  dates spring 1:





During Autumn 1, our school council elections took place. There were an overwhelming number of applications and the candidates that were chosen to campaign did extremely well. We’re incredibly proud of everyone that put themselves forward for the school council.

During out first school council meeting after half term, we explored why their new role was so important and the impact they can make on the school through their hard work.

Proud to be Pompey day:

Our whole school took part in the “Proud to be Pompey day” where we all wore either blue or something that reminded us of Portsmouth. Some of our school councillors were very lucky and got to meet the Lord Mayor and Mayoress and even got to ask them some interesting questions.

Christmas raffle:

The school council wrote letters to local shops and other places requesting donations for our festive raffle. They were very successful and that helped us raise £574.60 over both schools.

Sensory garden:

We wrote thank you letters to Mr Somerville for his wonderful decorations and hard work with the sensory garden. We even took a tour of the sensory garden so we could see the lovely wood carvings!

We have also used chrome books to research some different items we would like to include in the sensory garden.

Christmas tree festival:

Our lower school councillors went to the Christmas Tree Festival held at St Cuthbert’s Church. We enjoyed voting for the best trees and taking part in some craft activities. Our school councillors set such a wonderful example, several members of the public told us how impressed they were.



Events from 2022-23

22.9.22 – minutes

20.10.22 – minutes

03.11.22 – minutes

16.11.22 and 30.11.22 – minutes

14.12.22 – minutes

11.1.23 – minutes

25.1.23 – minutes

8.2.23 – minutes

22.02.23 – minutes

9.3.23 – minutes

22.3.23 – minutes

19.4.23 – minutes

3.5.23 – minutes

17.5.23 – minutes

7.6.23 – minutes

23.6.23 – minutes

12.7.23 – minutes

Look at our amazing visit to see the Lord Mayor!



Click here to see the lovely letters our school councillors wrote to the mayor thanking him.


Look at our positive quotes we have created to help children if they are feeling down:


Our school councillors have been discussing what the school council is and how much they enjoy it.  See below for their thinking:


Events in 2022-23



WOW!  We raised £1, 167 – great job everyone!


Well done to the school council who ran the Christmas Raffle and raised a whopping £259!


The lower school visited St Cuthbert’s Church on 02.12.22 to vote for the best                                      School councillors modelling their ‘Winter Wonderland’ jumper for the ‘Save

decorated Christmas tree. Langstone Junior Academy entered and the tree                                           the Children’ jumper and winter wonderland making day – 7.12.22

looked beautiful. Each pupil had to write on the back of a smiling emoji

what made them smile. 😀

Fundraising 2022-23

There has been a fabulous response to the request to knit flowers for the sensory garden. They are now adorning the outside classroom and some will be put in the farden as well. The planting has been finished and the garden is beginning to take shape. During arts week, children have been making dream catchers, painting pebbles and painting totem poles for the garden.



Thank you to all of the Langstone Community who have been knitting flowers for our garden!


This year we will continue to be raising funds for our exciting new sensory garden and rewilding project.  Building work began in the summer holidays and we are excited to see the daily progress.   


Last year, we raised over £400 through our second-hand book sale, £2, 545 through our sponsored dodgball event and £50 through selling second hand school uniform at the summer fair.  Well done everyone!


The school council will be discussing potential fundrasing ideas early this term so watch this space!


If any parents or carers have any suggestions or opportuities to help raise funds for this fantastic project, please contact Louise Geall by email: [email protected]


Events from 2021-22

Christmas Tree Festival – December 2021                                    Tea with the Lord Mayor – February 2022