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Year Leader/4LH: [email protected]

4SB: [email protected]

4LD: [email protected]



We are so sad that we cannot have all of you in the classroom with us at the moment but we know you will all be trying your best using Google Classroom to show us what amazing Langstone Learners you are. If you have any problems, please let your teacher know using the above email address. All teachers are working in school teaching critical worker children so may not be able to respond straight away. Someone will be able to help at some point between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday.

If your child is in school, please ensure they have the following items.

Your child should not bring extra items into school, they will only need:
– A bottle containing water
– Their lunch (if you are providing it) in a plastic bag
– A waterproof coat in case of rain




In Maths over this half term, we will be looking at fractions. We will explore what fractions are, how they can be added and subtracted and find fractions of amounts. We will be looking at using MyMaths to deepen our understanding. Further details on how to access this can be found on Google Classroom.

We will also continue to work on our arithmetic skills including addition, subtraction, multiplication and division using the methods taught in school.

Here are some video links to remind you how to complete the methods for column addition and subtraction:

Column addition:

Column subtraction:

Or watch this clip for exchanging over two place value columns:

We will also be exploring other strategies to use when the written methods aren’t appropriate. This will provide us with a bank of efficient ways to tackle a variety of questions before using these to solve a range of problems.

A variety of TTRS sessions should be completed daily. Garage will help the children practise times tables facts based on their current level of attainment and automatically self adjusts. They are aiming to achieve level 420. Soundcheck always  gives 25 random questions with a time limit. This replicates the Government Multiplication check that happens at the end of Year 4. Studio allows children to focus on a range of facts upto 12×12. Children can also challenge their peers and teachers in the Rock Slam section. You can also look at their heatmap to see which areas they need to focus on.


For the first weeks of term, we will be exploring Roman Myths, including the story of the founding of Rome by Romulus and Remus. We will be exploring their structure and how they compare to other literary works. Later in the term, we will begin looking at the Rotten Romans book from the Horrible Histories series by Terry Deary.

We will look at speech and how it is punctuated, paragraphing and different sentence types.

Direct speech writing rules in English      Direct speech writing rules in English


You should be continuing with your daily reading. You may have a library book, your own book from home or you can use MyOn or the SLS website to access Ebooks. There are also projects you should complete on MyOn.

Just finished a book? Log onto Accelerated Reader using the link to quiz yourself:
Don’t forget that you can still complete quizzes at home even if you don’t have the quiz number. Just search for the title of the book to see if it has a quiz.

Another useful website is: 

We love catching up on the latest events through reading age appropriate, online newpapers via The Day. We will share the username and password on Google Classroom for you to use.


We will start the year by recapping learning strategies for Year 4’s new autumn exception words.

Year 4: woman, women, promise, therefore, opposite, ordinary, perhaps pressure

See Google Classroom for different ways you can learn these words.


The first two weeks of term will focus on nature. We will look at life cycles of different animals building on the home learning completed during lockdown. We will look at the life cycles of plants and how this differs to other animals and make careful observations by planting sunflowers and recognising the different stages. After this, we will move onto learning all about the Stone Age. We will find out what life was like in each of the eras and how it differed between other areas of history we have studied. This will be used to create a timeline explaining these differences.



After building on the life cycle work of the first two weeks, we will move onto the topic of Teeth and Digestion. We will look at the different types of teeth animals including humans have, how to take care of them and what can happen when we don’t. We will then investigate digestion and the processes involved in getting energy into the human body.



During the first week, we will be finding out what germs are and how to stop them from spreading, helping us keep safe in the classroom and beyond. Alongside this, we will also develop our work on our Langstone Learner Awards. By learning how to be a resilient, reflective thinker, it will help us to become a more successful learner!



Continuing with keeping safe the first part of computing this year focuses on Digital Literacy and keeping safe online. Children have already been introduced to the Internet Legends website and games and will continue to build on this to ensure that they know what to do to stay safe online.


PE Kits

Full PE kits should be worn into school on Thursdays. This includes dark shorts/tracksuit bottoms (for outdoor PE if the weather is cold), a white t-shirt, socks and appropriate footwear (plimsolls or velcro trainers). School jumpers may also be worn if the weather is cold.

Useful Websites

You can log onto Language Angels (username-langstone, password- langstone) and play some of the games. typing games that are fun and good for beginners.

Visit Interland and explore each of the 4 kingdoms. Use you e-safety knowledge to navigate your way through! lots of different English resources.

We regularly watch Newsround – there are lots to explore on the Newsround website. Use this link to access the website:

Joe Wicks regularly posts 5 minute workouts for children. These make an excellent brain break when working hard.

Both of these websites have a range of different maths activities to complete at home



Dates for the Diary 

Remote Learning via Google Classroom – Tuesday 5th January – Friday 12th February 2021