Year Leader/4BW – Mrs Bygrave-White

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4DS – Mr Shaw

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4SB – Miss Brazier

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Subject overview:



In Maths this half term, we will be refreshing and deepening our understanding of  the four operations; addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We will explore how we can use different strategies to solve calculations and applying these skills to complex problems. We will also be training the children to use mental maths where possible to encourage their fluency and recall skills.

Here are some links you can access to help support your child’s learning at home:





A variety of Times Table Rockstar sessions should be completed throughout the week to ensure that children regularly practice their times tables. Garage will help the children practise times tables facts based on their current level of attainment and automatically self adjusts. They are aiming to know their times tables facts up to 12×12. Soundcheck always gives 25 random questions with a time limit. This replicates the Government Multiplication check that happens at the end of Year 4. Studio allows children to focus on a range of facts up to 12×12. Children can also challenge their peers and teachers in the Rock Slam section. You can also look at their heatmap to see which specific areas they need to focus on.


Our next writing topic will be linked to our new topic that explores the Stone Age! We will be creating a report that shocases our knowledge of the Stone Age and will inform the readers of the how the different eras of that time developed.We will also be using Stone Age related texts in our guided reading lessons where we will develop our summarising and fact retrieval skills!

You should be continuing with your daily reading. You may have a library book, your own book from home or you can use MyOn or the SLS website to access Ebooks. 

When you finish a book, it will say completed with a green box and then you can complete the linked quizzes. Please check you have linked your MyON account to Accelerated Reader for this to be successful. When you first log in to MyON, if you account is not linked, the option will be as a banner across the top to link with STAR. Your log in details are the same for both AR and MyON.

Just finished a book? Log onto Accelerated Reader using the link to quiz yourself:
Don’t forget that you can still complete quizzes at home even if you don’t have the quiz number. Just search for the title of the book to see if it has a quiz.


Each week, two or three spellings will be sent home to practise with a task sheet for each. These will be the ones that we will be practising in school. For this half term, the spelling words are:



Topic – Rockin’ The Ages

In our first history topic this year, Rockin’ The Ages will explore the different characteristics of  the eras of the Stone Age before considering their stark differences. As part of this topic, we will explore different tools, clothing and ways of living throughout these vastly different times. We will also consider which era we would want to live in, given a choice of the Paleolithic, Mesolithic and the Neolithic eras.


Our first unit of Science this year is all about Teeth and Digestion! We will begin to explore the variety of different teeth we have, their role and compare them to other animals’ teeth to spot any similarities and differences. We will then move on to look at digestion and how the digestive system works. We will explore each stage to understand how the system absorbs nutrients in food before excreting any waste.


During our first PSHE unit this year, we will be reminding the children exactly what it means to be a Langstone Learner and how encouraging them to set themselves targets based on their Langstone Learner Cards. We will then be moving on to looking at relationships. We will examine the variety of relationships people have, such as friendships and families, understand what makes a positive relationship and how we can ensure these relationships stay positive by maintaining it.

ComputingWhat is a computer? - Quora

In our first computing unit, we will refresh and deepen our understanding of the Internet and how we can be Internet Legends! We will find out ways to protect ourselves when using the internet by doing things such as, not sharing private information, using secure websites and creating strong passwords.


In PE this half-term, our outdoor PE sessions will be focusing on developing our balance, footwork and coordination. This unit will also allow us to develop our Personal Cog where we will look to further our ability to be resilient in the face of challenges ensure that we push ourselves outside of our comfort zone and identify our own as well as others’ strengths and weaknesses.

Our indoor PE sessions will consist of Real Gym this term. This unit will encourage our children to develop their balance and rotation skills. We will be also looking at this unit through the lens of the Personal Cog so they can continue developing the personal skills in concert with their outdoor PE lessons.

Our outdoor PE sessions take place every Tuesday and our Indoor PE will be on a Monday.

Children must wear the correct PE uniform during Real Gym sessions; black shorts, leggings or ‘skins’ and a white t-shirt. Children cannot wear tracksuit bottoms or sweatshirts during Real Gym sessions. As we are asking your children to wear their PE kit into school, we encourage children to wear their tracksuit bottoms/sweatshirts to school in the winter months over their shorts and t-shirt. They can still wear tracksuit bottoms or sweatshirts during their outdoor PE session.

No jewellery can be worn during Real Gym sessions, this includes any earrings, even studs. If your child cannot remove their own stud earrings for these sessions, we would ask that you do not send them into school wearing them on their Real Gym days.

Watches must not be worn during Real Gym, so we ask you not to send your child in with a watch on the days they have their indoor sessions.

During Real Gym sessions, your child will be asked to remove their shoes and socks as this will increase their grip on the equipment greatly. If there is a medical reason as to why you would like your child to not go barefoot, please discuss this directly with their class teacher.


In French this year, we will learn new phonics through months of the year and we will also learn how to introduce ourselves to others using full French sentences. As part of this unit, we will learn to tell people all about ourselves such as where we live, our nationality and our name. At the end of this section, we will create our a short biography of ourselves that includes lots of information about us!.


Our first music unit of year will focus and develop the children’s understanding of notation and how music is written. The children will explore the C major scale in a ariety of ways including applying their understanding to glockenspiels. This unit will culminate in the children performing a piece of music on glockenspiels in concert!


This term, we are going to be exploring the concept of Light. We will contextualize light within Hinduism. Once we have an understanding of this concept, we will evaluate its importance to both ourselves and others around the world. We will communicate our thoughts and feelings about this concept, making links to our own lives. Finally, we will explore the differences it may make to our own lives and the affect it may have upon us. Our outcome for this unit of work is an interpretive Hindu dance to represent light with a written reflection.

Useful Websites

You can log onto Language Angels – details on how to do this are on Google Classroom. typing games that are fun and good for beginners.

Visit Interland and explore each of the 4 kingdoms. Use you e-safety knowledge to navigate your way through! lots of different English resources.

We regularly watch Newsround – there are lots to explore on the Newsround website. Use this link to access the website:

Joe Wicks regularly posts 5 minute workouts for children. These make an excellent brain break when working hard.

Both of these websites have a range of different maths activities to complete at home

Dates for the Diary 

Thursday 6th October- 4BW Village to City Trip

Friday 7th October- 4DS Village to City Trip

Tuesday 11th October- 4SB Village to City Trip

Homework Expectations

Our homework has 3 elements:
1 – Daily reading
Regular reading of a variety of genres is an integral part of the curriculum and develops a range of skills that children can utilise on a daily basis. We expect children to read regularly and aim for at least 5 times a week. 

2 – Daily times tables practise
This could be chanting, rapid recall or quick fire questions with a family member, use of Times Tables Rockstar or playing different times tables games. By the end of Year 4, Government expectations are that children will have rapid and fluent recall of all times tables up to 12×12.

3- Spellings

We expect children to learn the Year 4 National Curriculum spellings and each week, a one or two new words will be sent out to learn. In addition, they will be tested on them at the end of each half term.