Year Leader/4SB – Miss Bygrave

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4DS – Mr Shaw

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4BW – Mrs Wessels

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4BW – Miss Bellamy

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Subject overview:



In Maths over this half term, we will be looking at 2D and 3D shapes before exploring length, perimeter and area. We will also be exploring further into the world of geometry by identifying and creating regular and irregular polygons before placing them onto grids and translating to different parts of the quadrant.

Here are some links you can access to help support your child’s learning at home:



Regular and irregular shapes:

Translation of shapes:

A variety of TTRS sessions should be completed daily. Garage will help the children practise times tables facts based on their current level of attainment and automatically self adjusts. They are aiming to know their times tables facts up to 12×12. Soundcheck always gives 25 random questions with a time limit. This replicates the Government Multiplication check that happens at the end of Year 4. Studio allows children to focus on a range of facts up to 12×12. Children can also challenge their peers and teachers in the Rock Slam section. You can also look at their heatmap to see which areas they need to focus on.


Our next writing topic will be inspired by Pamela Lyndon Travers’ classic novel Mary Poppins. We will be crafting a letter where the main characters will be telling their friends all about their new, magical nanny. This will develop our children’s understanding of language, adverbials and sentence structure.


You should be continuing with your daily reading. You may have a library book, your own book from home or you can use MyOn or the SLS website to access Ebooks. 

When you finish a book, it will say completed with a green box and then you can complete the linked quizzes. Please check you have linked your MyON account to Accelerated Reader for this to be successful. When you first log in to MyON, if you account is not linked, the option will be as a banner across the top to link with STAR. Your log in details are the same for both AR and MyON.

Just finished a book? Log onto Accelerated Reader using the link to quiz yourself:
Don’t forget that you can still complete quizzes at home even if you don’t have the quiz number. Just search for the title of the book to see if it has a quiz.

Another useful website is:

We love catching up on the latest events through reading age-appropriate, online newspapers via The Day. We will share the username and password on Google Classroom for you to use.


Each week, two or three spellings will be sent home to practise with a task sheet for each. These will be the ones that we will be practising in school. For this half term, the spelling words are:










Topic – Veni, Vidi, Vici

Our next topic this year is called Veni, Vidi, Vici and is all about the Roman Empire. We will investigate the history of the Roman Empire and consider how everyday people lived in one of the most well known civilizations of all time. Our final outcome for this unit will draw together all of our children’s learning and showcase it in a original fashion.

Our homework project this term will build on this idea and children can explore any aspect of the Roman Empire they wish to create their project.


Our next unit of Science this year is Electricity, where we will begin to explore series circuits and develop our understanding of conductivity and insulation. We will create simple series circuits, identify key parts and understand how switches work within a circuit. This learning will culminate in the children investigating the Big Science Question: How does a switch impact a circuit.

As they will be dealing with electrical ciruits, the children will also understand the dangers of electricity and know that they should not experiment with any sort of electricity unless under the direct supervision of a competent adult.


After the Easter break, we will begin looking at money and how we must care for our finances. During these lessons, the children will identify a range of different payment methods, the role money plays in our every day lives and how to keep track of our money by being financially responsible. This will culminate in the children participating in a game ran by Natwest where children will have to live and budget over a 12 week period to see how they can balance being financially responsible whilst ensuring their well-being needs are being met.

ComputingWhat is a computer? - Quora

In our next computing unit, we will examine Google Sites and explore how to create a website. This will involve many skills that include combining text, sound and graphics as well as hyperlinks to develop teh website, consider lighting and framing when taking photos and selecting the appropriate images and sounds for their intended audience.

An important element of computing will be learning how to use touch typing to improve our typing speed. The website we will be using is: You may want to try this at home!


In PE, we will continue to use REAL PE to learn and practise new skills, focusing on improving our personal best.

On Thursdays, for indoor REAL Gym or REAL Dance sessions,  your child should wear: Black shorts or tight leggings and a white t-shirt. No jewellery or watches should be worn. If your child is unable to remove their earring themselves, please ensure you provide them with micropore tape to cover the front and back of the earring that they must apply themselves. Please be aware there is a higher risk of injury while wearing earrings. While the weather is cold, we recommend your child wears black jogging bottoms over the top of their shorts. School jumpers or black jumpers are also recommended at this time.


On Fridays, for outdoor PE, your child should wear: black shorts or jogging bottoms, a white t-shirt and a school or black jumper and appropriate footwear (plimsolls or trainers). No jewellery or watches should be worn for this session. If your child is unable to remove their earring themselves, please ensure you provide them with micropore tape to cover the front and back of the earring. Please be aware there is a higher risk of injury while wearing earrings.


In French this year, we will learn new phonics through days of the week and we will also learn how to introduce our family members to others using full French sentences. As part of this unit, we will learn to say how many brothers and sisters we have, introduce the names of our family members and say how old they are. In our next unit, we will look at words and phrases that may be used in a cafe. At the end of this section, we will create our own cafe for the children to order their own drink and snack using the french that they have learnt.


Our next unit of music is about “Pollution in the Ocean”. In this unit, we will begin to explore how singing can be used to describe a concept. We will look at different singing techniques to ensure that we are loud and clear.


This term, we are going to be exploring the concept of Karma. We will contextualize karma within Christianity and Hinduism. Once we have an understanding of this concept, we will evaluate its importance to both ourselves and others around the world. We will communicate our thoughts and feelings about this concept, making links to our own lives. Finally, we will  explore the differences it may make to our own lives and the affect it may have upon us. Our outcome for this unit of work is a storyboard with a written reflection to explain our thinking, making links to Christianity, Hinduism or both.

Useful Websites

You can log onto Language Angels – details on how to do this are on Google Classroom. typing games that are fun and good for beginners.

Visit Interland and explore each of the 4 kingdoms. Use you e-safety knowledge to navigate your way through! lots of different English resources.

We regularly watch Newsround – there are lots to explore on the Newsround website. Use this link to access the website:

Joe Wicks regularly posts 5 minute workouts for children. These make an excellent brain break when working hard.

Both of these websites have a range of different maths activities to complete at home

Dates for the Diary 

Swimming dates:

27/04/2022 4DS
05/05/2022 4DS
12/05/2022 4DS
19/05/2022 4DS
26/05/2022 4SB
02/06/2022 Half Term
09/06/2022 4SB
16/06/2022 4SB
23/06/2022 4SB
30/06/2022 4BW
07/07/2022 4BW
14/07/2022 4BW
21/07/2022 4BW