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Although we are still enjoying our book ‘The Dragon with a Chocolate Heart’, we will be focusing our writing around our new class reader which is the picture book ‘Tuesday’. During this piece of writing, we will be reporting on the event in which the frogs gained the power of flying and terrorised the local town. We will be exploring a range of reports before choosing which would be best to fit our given purpose. In order to write a successful report, we will be exploring both direct and indirect speech.

Through Reading, we will be looking at how we can use the context of the sentence or text to decipher the meaning of ‘tricky’ words. Also, we will be looking at how the language used can capture our imagination.

Within Spellings this half term, we will be building on our knowledge of homophones as well as exploring how apostrophes are used.



This half term, we will be deepening our understanding of place value as well as addition and subtraction. We will firstly become secure on regrouping within addition before moving onto column method for subtraction. Once we are secure, we will apply these to a range of problems.

Throughout Year 4, we will be developing our arithmetic skills by carrying out daily activities which will aid with our fluency. Daily times tables activities will remain an important element of this. This, alongside activities which will develop our reasoning skills, will ensure a wide range of mathematical skills are developed and embedded.


Science – Teeth  and  DigestionImage result for types of teeth ks2

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Within this unit, children’s understanding of the human body and how we use food to gain nutrients to live will be deepened. Firstly, we will explore teeth and their different roles in breaking down food – the first step in the digestive system. Through making observations and spotting patterns we will be exploring whether the shape of teeth vary depending on what animals eat. For example: Do carnivores have bigger teeth than herbivores?

Once we have fully explore the role teeth play, we will be finding out where our food goes next! The key parts of the digestive system will be learnt so that we can share our knowledge in our very own podcast!

Topic – Veni Vidi Vici (Romans)

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Within this historical based topic, we will be building on our knowledge of the Iron Age from our last topic. We will explore life as a Roman, including that as a gladiator and a soldier, before understanding just what a huge impact they had on those already living in Britain at the time. As part of the unit, we will also be using a range of sources to find out about an area of choice within this era so that we can create our own Horrible History style text at the end. 

PE cartoon-pe-kids-1rd987p

Our PE this half term will be develop our social skills whilst learning to balance when standing still and on the move.


In this unit, we are investigating the concept of ‘light’ and how it plays a key role in Hinduism. We will exploring what light means to us before representing this in our very own interpretive dance.



In PSHE, we will be exploring relationships. Within this, we will discuss the importance of personal choice and boundaries as well as the different kind of relationships we have. We will also be celebrating the differences between us as these are a part of our identity. To bring together all our learning, we will be creating a guide around relationships for Year 3s.


This unit will explore Caribbean music including salsa, reggae and calypso before looking music using steel drums. This will develop our understanding of musical notation as we recognise symbols for minim, croquet and semibreve and translating music  to a stave. We will explore simple musical patterns and correct technique for playing a steel pan before composing some Carribean music of our own.


Now that we know how to introduce ourselves, we will be looking to discover how to tell someone all about our family. As part of this, we will be looking at how to change single nouns to plural and how they can vary depending on the gender of the word.


Dates for the Diary 

Avon Tyrrell – 29th – 31st January


PE Kits

Full PE kits are needed for Mondays and Tuesdays. This includes dark shorts/tracksuit bottoms (for outdoor PE if the weather is cold), a white t-shirt, socks and appropriate footwear.


Project homework – to be confirmed



We have moved on to this half term’s spellings which will involve recapping Year 3’s Spring 1 spellings along with learning strategies for Year 4’s new exception words.

Year 4: particular, calendar, popular, position, possess, possession, purpose and potatoes

Year 3: continue, decide, island, minute, difficult, earth, consider and enough

These will be split up and a couple of words will be focused on each week but the more they can be reinforced and practiced at home, the easier they will be to remember.spelling strategies

These will be assessed both at the beginning and end of the half term and can be practised using a variety of strategies on the Tic-Tac-Toe.

They are expected to not only know the words on the list but be able to spell them if they have a prefix or a suffix attached. For example, complete could be completing or completed.

Within class, we will be focusing on developing our phonics skills and how these can be used to spell unknown words. We will also be looking at the rules throughout the half term so please refer to the English section for more detail.

Reading and Times Tables

A reminder that each week children will be expected to read every day at home for at least 10 minutes. Alongside this, children are to log on to Times Tables Rockstars which will aid to develop children’s fluency within their Maths by taking part in fun Maths games. For this half term, we will be learning our 3s, 4s, 6s and 8s. Both will need to be recorded in the same home learning log and handed in to the class teacher on a daily basis.

Please feel free to speak to your class teacher if you have any questions or would like further support or advice with the homework.